Surfing Group 2020 Run Down

We had our last Surfing Group session last Saturday, and i can hear you ask “what the?”

Our Surfing group had exactly 6 sessions this year before COVID19 interrupted our plans of sandy, salty, sociable Saturdays! At first, when limited to just 2 people in a gathering, we thought to cancel it and make the sessions up at the end of the year, but our “never say die” team decided they wanted to keep training at 8am Saturdays, so we changed the plan again. We have always had a Plan B for inclement weather situations, of a Bootcamp on the beach. Each of us would sign in to Zoom from our respective local beaches and do a bootcamp “together”, before hitting the waves! As it got colder, more than one of us did the bootcamp at home!

The Bootcamp was designed to improve mobility and strength through surfing-specific moves, so that when we hit the waves it would be easier. Many of our group have been catching up for mid-week surfs in pairs, and we have rescheduled our weekend away in Kiama to October (ostensibly to support the bush fire affected Shoalhaven, in reality to support us mum’s and our mental health, which is why it isn’t cancelled)!

Social distancing at our last live surfing session! We even got the thumbs up from a cruising police car!

Before we were prevented from surfing in a group, we had 6 idealic sessions, half of which were at Dee Why. The waves were small, and most of the group had done a session or two before so were up on their feet already. Everyone improved, and some of us even had our kids out on foamies with us! It would have been interesting to see the improvement if we had another 6 weeks!

Well done to our intrepid surfers! It is no accident that TWO of you made our Client of the Quarter list this time around!

Run Club has been cancelled due to the uncertainty in the face of the crisis, but one-on-one sessions are available on request. Email us at [email protected] to arrange your session! Hiking Group will be going ahead rain, hail, or shine, in groups of 2 or 10, because we have a Gym Trip to get to (what a year to chose an Aussie trip)!

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