Surfing and Yoga Adventure Day 6

Anna checking out the surf with Calvin our Surf instructor.


Day 6 and we are all getting a little stiff, sore, and weary (and not just from surfing, our nocturnal activities are catching up too!)

We hit the water at 8.30am at Dreamland beach but also a little hesitant as there were a few big sets coming through as well as surfing on a shallow reef.  Marcel and Calvin were amazing today getting us through the channel out the back until we we’re ready to catch a wave.

Marcel our surfing instructor catching the last wave of the day at Dreamland beach today!

We had Kass which we couldn’t wipe the smile off her face today catching wave after wave. Kass got really emotional after coming out of the surf yesterday as she got a negative comment by a young girl saying “You can’t even surf and you should surf somewhere else” Meanwhile everyone out at Padang Padang yesterday was a beginner and Kass can surf with no ACL.

Sandra will now have to buy a surf board for her kids so they can too come out surfing with her.

Jo has improved her surfing style since she has been here and now is learning how to turn the board across the wave.

Anna was catching a few waves today and looking to surf at Dreamland tomorrow.

Eat, swim, relax and Repeat…

We had a really nice yoga flow this afternoon with Daniel. He focused on opening up the chest & releasing the neck and shoulders.

We had a early dinner at Bukit tonight followed by a movie (A dog’s Purpose) back at the resort. Few to many tears…

It’s our last day of surfing and yoga tomorrow and we all would love to stay for another week!

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