Sue Takes Off in her Training at IntoYou!

Sue was a “friend of a friend” referral, and we had heard all about how amazing this 80yr-old was. Even then, we didn’t realise exactly how incredible she was until we met her!

Sue waltzed in, perky, chirpy, positive – always willing to give stuff a go! And she is so proud of herself, that when she informed us she couldn’t attend the pilates sessions at the War Vets because she wasn’t “doddery” enough, she increased her training here to 2x week!

Watch her go here!

Here’s what she has to say:

Every Monday and Thursday morning I really look forward to my half-hour session with Jade.  Despite the fact that there is a lot of fun and laughter, my body and mind get a really solid workout .  Jade is very inventive and I get the balance, strength mobility and posture exercises I need with a fair bit of challenge.  I have been a bit of a gym junkie for the last 15 years with private trainers but have never had such a personalised program.  I come away happy and refreshed every time – and my brain has had a workout as well!   Oh and by the way I am 85 and the envy of my friends over whom I have bragging rights because none of them can do what I do.  Life is great!

Congratulations, Sue!

We loo forward to more “ability” and accomplishments to come!

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