Sue is SO HAPPY to recommend IntoYou to all her family and friends

Sue has been training with us for 6 years now, and we wondered how she felt about her training after all this time! This is what she had to say!

“I have been attending Into You Fitness Sessions with Jade for over six years now. I am a 64 year old Female who was starting to feel old.

My son originally gave me training sessions for Mother’s Day. My first impressions of my Trainer Jade was…. oh no payback time…..  I actually coached her in swimming for a few years.

I have a wrist that cannot be operated on. They have technology for Hips, Shoulders and Knee reconstructions. I was at the stage I could barely function in the kitchen, opening jars, mashing potatoes etc with my right wrist.

I also suffer from Arthritis.

My son booked my sessions which I put off until Clare rang me and said they could train around my sore wrist. They were right! I did not realise how much core strength and fitness you lose as you age.

I love training with my Trainer now even though I whinge a lot. ( I am too tired, too old etc…) I love the fact that you get a whole Total Body Sessions. I never get bored as you do not get the same programme week in and week out like you do at a normal Gym. The Power Plate training for warm up and actual training is great.

The Consultations with the other Trainers have been an added bonus [Our Sample Pack is an opportunity to try everything we offer at IntoYou].

I had a personal Styling Session with Charlie and a shopping trip which made me feel better about my clothing choices.

Maddy’s massages are to die for. She is helping me with my tight neck and Posture.

Jades Nutrition programme taught me more about the right food choices.

The changes in my body since I started are fantastic.

  1. I have regained a lot of my lost flexibility.
  2. I have regained the use of my right wrist through strength training. I do not even realise I have a wrist problem anymore due to the regained strength.
  3. My core body strength has improved. I can now kneel on a fit ball without falling off.
  4. I have lost body fat and weight.
  5. My neck and Shoulders are continuing to improve.

I would definitely recommend Into You Specialist Gym to any of my family and friends.”

Training is about MORE than how you look and how much you weigh! How wonderful it must be to “forget” you have a wrist injury, and to reduce chronic pain all over your body! I saw Sue getting out of her car the other day, and she literally bounced in to the gym, with a full faced smile for me! THIS is why we train at IntoYou!

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