Stunning Feedback for Chi Nei Tsang

It took us a while to get here, but i feel like we have been training for Chi Nei Tsang for a couple of years now. The Scar Release was powerful, but it was just one thing; CNT is a whole lot more!
I can’t lie, it is intense, and Lyssa sends us homework after our session too!

She’s looking at posture, breathing, our organ function, alignment, and energy.

She describes what she does in energetic and eastern terms, but they have a very real, western, and measurable impact as well!

Without working the abdominal scar directly, Lyssa gets the surrounding tissues and organs detoxed and released, leaving you feeling light, energetic, and relieved. Some people have an emotional purge afterwards, but i just felt “let go”, like the cliche said “a weight lifted from my shoulders”.

Here’s what some others had to say:

“Lyssa was amazing. The whole experience was an awesome surprise. I thought I was going for a massage and ended up having a healing session. Had a real break through with something I’ve been seeking answers to for a while.” MErryn

“What a delight to meet with Lyssa for the CNT session! It was a totally different experience to what I had expected as I discovered I really needed to be an active participant in the massage and embrace being an integral part of my own healing. It was both interesting and empowering! I’d highly recommend giving CNT with Lyssa a try. I’ve homework so I’m looking forward to seeing the effect over time.” Clare W

You can give it a go by booking your initial consult here:

Look forward to feeling free, happy, and mobile!


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