Stronger Than She’s Ever Been: Mag’s Story Continued

Margaret aka “Mags” came to me in August last year with chronic back pain. She didn’t feel strong, fit, and was having trouble completing the basic tasks she needed to for everyday life.

She had been suffering for over a year with multiple bulging discs of her L3, L4, & L5 with severe pain in her lower back, glutes & down her leg before coming to see me.

Mags said to me, “I want to be pain free.”

We starting training, once a week with our restore your core program and lots of power plate massages to help with blood flow and movement. We also made some small nutritional changes in Mags diet to help reduce inflammation in her body, and made sure she was walking 3-4x a week.

Mags is on her feet again and inspiring us all with her consistency and positivity

Mags had some set backs; with some unfortunate falls and a foot injury, but nevertheless she was consistent with the rehab of her deep core with us. It wasn’t hard to be consistent in the end, because:

  • it reduce the chronic pain she was having on a daily basis,
  • it made her feel strong, and that she wanted to do more like mow & hedge the lawns.

Mags isn’t quite pain free (yet) but her pain has dramatically reduced. She is a lot happier and doesn’t have to always think about her every day movements as much. Mags is celebrating a birthday this weekend & she is much fitter & stronger than she has ever been. 

Mags with friends at bootcamp

Clawing her way back from adversity isn’t a new story for Mags. She overcame chronic panic attacks at the thought of climbing hills to completing the Annapurna Trail in Nepal (this story you can read here) and more recently was revisiting her “nemesis” local mountains to conquer them once more (which you can read about here)! Since then, COVID and her injury has upset the apple cart, but we are right beside her, every step of the way, to regaining her fitness, her function, and her fierce!!

Mags and her granddaughter who found an unexpected shared love of hiking back in 2018! Together they completed hikes in the Royal National Park and all over Sydney!

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