Strip Off This Winter Challenge!!

Jade is on a roll this year, transforming bodies and loving it! She has designed her very own Challenge, aimed at eliminating every excuse under the sun, to ensure you the best chance of success with your weight loss: Strip Off This Winter!

As she says, “Summer weight is lost in Winter”!

This challenge is very specific and detailed, however in the beginning you simply follow Jade’s instructions. You are to train with a trainer twice per week, not necessarily at IntoYou, and also engage in 4-6 x 30min cardio sessions outside of that. The cardio sessions are all interval training – aimed at maxing your heart rate and giving you the most “bang for your buck” in terms of calorie consumption and time training.

You are given three days of eating plans, that you rotate and follow twice per week. The seventh day is your learning opportunity, where you eat according to what you perceive as “healthy”, and compare it to what we asked of you. After three weeks of this, we will start to educate you on how to think about and chose food, and you will learn the mechanics behind Jade’s challenge!

By week 8 you should be able to plan your own meals, chose your own snacks, and exercise wisely!

We will give you your own pin code to allow access to the gym at any time.

We will also do your shopping for you, packing boxes with local Plateau company Farm Fresh Delivered. All you have to do is order the IntoYou box!

And as always, there is $100 cashback when you achieve your goal.

Have you any excuses left?!

To sign up for this challenge, email us at or call 0410 508 101 before 25th May.

Get your Summer body this Winter!

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