Stretches for a tight upper body – attention MUMS!!

Today one of our clients presented with an exceedingly sore upper back/neck. She has had 3 kids herself, and is now the primary carer for her 5 grandkids. Her pains gets so bad, that she has nerve problems in her hands, vertigo, and headaches. The good news is that we can alleviate her symptoms in one stretch session. Perform these stretches regularly, and you will go along way to preventing neck and upper back pain all together!
Chest stretch with the TRX – rocking from side to side will also mobilize the upper back.
Back and Lat stretch – looking under your arm will include your waist muscles.
It can get quite intense if you twist the whole way onto your side.
Three way arm stretch on the freeform. This one feels great because it gets your scapula (shoulder blade) moving. Scapula stiffness contributes to neck pain.


Rocking side-to-side on the freeform will loosen up your shoulders and upper spine.
Yoga neck stretch for the traps (neck)
This one is intense – lying across a foam roller.
A more traditional thoracic stretch, very pleasurable when coupled with a foot massage on the powerplate!
At IntoYou, we like to make a difference to your life, with just one half-hour session a week. If this session makes a difference for you, we’d love to hear your feedback!
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