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Like it or not, this exact day is the BEST day to get started on your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions!!

There are a number of reasons to start now:

  1. If you’re on holiday, you have TIME – time to prep meals, time to exercise. Even if you’re away from home, and enjoying your relaxation, having time to meal prep does not mean not having time to relax! You will have to make an effort for an hour or two, but the you have the rest of the day to make up for the effort! My top tip for getting started when you’re away is to exercise at your first opportunity (before the kids wake, straight after breakfast, or when everyone else has crashed for a nap). Meal prep has to be done before your shopping trip, and prepared on arrival to the place you’re staying for maximum convenience later on. Even better, if you’re with friends, recruit one and try one of these creative ways to train with a buddy!
  2. If you’re working through, you still have TIME – the office is far quieter, more casual, and there are a plethora of public holidays. With a bit more structure to your work-days, you can plan your exercise easier. Will you do it before or after work? Will it be short and hard, or long and easy? Meal prep and shopping are best kept for your day’s off, so that you are not shopping when you’re hungry or rushed.
  3. Your success is not determined by your motivation to achieve your goals, but you HABITS – what you do consistently on a regular basis. Therefor, if you get a head start now you’ll be a week ahead of establishing those habits when you get back in to “real life”. The demands  of childcare, work, and social engagements will be obstacles to overcome in the New Year, and you’ll be more likely to overcome them if you have already established some kind of routine. This is true especially if you’re working through, because you will have squirrelled away some time already. Even if you were on holidays, if you were exercising at your first opportunity you can continue that habit in to “real life” on your return. What does it look like? is it right after school or daycare drop off? is it when you’ve finished the housework in the early afternoon? Is it in your baby’s mid-arvo sleep? Will you work it in to your commute? Remember that to be successful you have to be consistent, so make it routine.
  4. Summer is the perfect time for fresh fruit and salads for lunch and dinner – so take advantage! Fill your fridge with fresh food, and trash the rest. The best time to eat healthy is when you’re hungry, so make sure you have salads already made to grab and consume at your leisure. This will make it easier to succeed than if you have to chop veges every time you need food.
  5. The warmer weather makes a variety of activities more pleasurable – who wants to surf when it’s cold, rainy, and miserable? Not me either! But when the sun is out and the weather warm you can’t keep me inside! The same is true for any outside sport; hiking, sailing, mountain biking, and outdoor bootcamps to name a few! What do you think you’d enjoy? Have you never tried paddle boarding but think you’d like it? Now is the time to try it! Has it not occured to you that we will ski, snorkle and dow a range of activities when on holidays but nothing on our return? Why not keep snorkelling when you return to “real life”? Think it, plan it, start today, and establish the habit!!
  6. Long days in summer time mean that we have great flexibility in our choice of activity and also when we can fit it in. If your choice was paddle boarding, at this time of year you can do it at 5am or 7pm! By the time winter comes, you have established your habit of rising at 5am or exercising at 7pm, and all you have to do is switch activity. Maybe you’re not comfortable paddle boarding in the dark, but you’re happy to hit the gym or walk with a head light on.
Summer is a great time to start eating salads as meals. fresh crispy and cool!

Summer is a great time to start eating salads as meals. fresh crispy and cool!

If the above did not convince you, then work with your trainer to work out what will work for you! Either way, i have started today on my 2017 routine, and will hopefully be in tip-top shape for Nepal in November 2017! If you need help, join our Mountain Bike group for the rest of January and February! You’ll meet new people, discover new trails, and hopefully get hooked! Our group is currently discounted with a massive $80 off! Click here to register!

Have a wonderful New Year!


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