Stage 2 COVID19 Easing of Restrictions

So we are located in NSW, and all going well restrictions will ease in the next 3-4 weeks and gyms will be permitted to open with restrictions.

At IntoYou we are in an awkward “grey” zone, regarding what is permissible and what isn’t, and have ultimately decided to take the conservative approach of moving with the big gyms. In some ways, we are doing ourselves a disservice, as it’s arguable that we would be able to open earlier, but we ultimately decided as a team to put safety first.

To our wonderful clients who have kept up with their training via zoom, THANK YOU! Please keep the zoom links to all of our group sessions after restrictions have eased, they are yours for life!

Once we return to face to face training (we are anticipating mid-June), zoom links will stay in place. The zoom option will be used to be more versatile with our cancellation policy, it means that you can cancel your session because your baby is asleep, but still attend from home. It means you can forget to show up completely, but do your session later on after your trainer records it for you. Ultimately, it means more options and more flexibility for YOU! We can also tee up sessions with your bestie or family overseas or interstate, and you can share your sessions for no extra dollars (like we already do in our Buddy PT sessions!).

For those of you returning to the studio, there are new hygiene and behaviour protocols that we must follow. Except during massage appointments, our trainers will not be touching you during a session like we used to, simply because it invades the 1.5M personal space required by the NSW government. You will all be pressing your own buttons on the Power Plates, collecting your own equipment, and cleaning it down afterwards. Their will be limited use of equipment in our IntoMum sessions, and we are going to attempt moving the Power Plates further apart. In the change-over between group sessions, please wait outside (weather permitting!), and leave plenty of space for the participants in the prior session to leave. Your kids count as an extension of you, so if you bring them to your session please keep them in your zone (either plug them in or strap them in a pram – we are sorry for this, and anticipate it will be difficult).

If you own a massage ball and resistance band, bring them to your session with you.

In your one-on-one, the trainer will be able to use more equipment, and clean it immediately afterwards. You are welcome to stay after your session and do extra foam rolling or stretching, but do it outside and clean the rollers when you finish.

Hand sanitiser will continue to be provided at the front door for you to use on coming and leaving! We also ask that you start taking your shoes off at the door, and training in socks. This is because we put our hands on the floor and don’t want to pick up whatever we walked in!

Appropriate social distancing measures will be enforced. We also ask that you download the Covidsafe App, if you intend on returning to the gym. Weather permitting, we will also have the doors all the way open for your sessions, to allow good circulation and to dilute the particles we breath out!

We also have 2 outdoor programs coming up, one, a “bare bones” bootcamp and then an epic hiking group program! Both will go ahead, with varying degrees of separation depending on the government regulations of the time. The bootcamp will be held at Plateau Park, for 9 weeks straight at 8am Saturdays. It will be fun, and modify-able if you have pelvic dysfunctions or injuries. It is NOT a punishing program, but some outdoor movement to invigorate and inspire you to move! This program is currently limited to 9 participants in keeping with the current restrictions.

Hiking Group is a little more demanding. Starting 8th August, and then every Saturday at 8am for 13 weeks, we are training for our Cape to Cape adventure in Western Australia in November. This adventure is 7 x 20km + days, including significant portions on soft sand…. so guess what the training looks like!?

If you have any problems or questions regarding these precautions, please direct your enquiry to 0410508101 or [email protected]

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