Single Trail Adventure

For our Mountain Bike ride this week we met at St Ives Showground again. St Ives has a plethora of options for a rider, including fire trail, single trail, and a BMX track. It has the fitness components that we train on the Perimentre trail, Terry Hills, and the technical aspect that Manly Dam offers.

We met bright and early, having driven through a few sprinkly rain showers. Luckily the gods smiled upon us and it did not rain on us again! About 20min into it we hit Kuringai National Park, and consulted a map. The map showed heaps of tracks heading in every direction, but we were hoping for a loop, so set out to find one!

Find one we did! It was only after we had ridden through several spider webs (sorry Jenn!), and hauled our bikes over several rock drops, that we realised how little used this track was. The GPS showed that we were frustratingly close to meeting up with the track we rode in on, and to riding the loop we desired! We pushed on a but further (and a bit more downhill) before calling it quits when the track became so overgrown it was impenetrable. Attention you mountain bikers out there! Ride this loop and make the track passable for us novices!! We like loops!

With our bikes on our shoulders we hiked back up the hill, and back to the fire trail. It was a good adventure, and a bummer it didn’t work out how we hoped! We made it back to the cars in time for Clare to have breakfast before today’s Windsurfing races.

Next week we will test our skills again on Manly Dam, just to see how far we have come!

Keep up to date with our adventure here and on Facebook! We are training for a NZ ride from their Alps (Mt Cook) to the East Coast in March/April.

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