A Simple Solution to the Excess Eating at Christmas

Michael Mosley has been a leading educator in scientific eating and exercise for years now. He gets behind the angles and marketing, to understand the core facts of getting to and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

[sociallocker] Two of his revolutionary ideas are:

  1. The 5:2 diet
  2. 3 minutes of exercise a week

The 5:2 diet is 5 days of “normal” eating (not necessarily whatever you like!), and 2 days of fasting (1/4 calories). The science behind this is astonishing, it shows we perform better cognitively when fasting, and we also repair our cellular structure (ie. actively regenerate!).

3 minutes of exercise is actually 1 minute performed in nasty-hard, 100% intensity, 20 second bursts, 3 x weekly. This has been demonstrated to have as much of a positive impact on your health as regular, moderate, exercise (in some ways, more).

What this means for us, at this time of the year, is that we can have our cake and eat it, literally! Two days out of every week (chose a day without a social function), cut you calorie consumption to 1/4 of your normal intake. This will help negate the excesses you indulge in on other days, as well as sharpen up your mental state.

On 3 different days (not fasting ones), make sure you perform 3 x 20 second sprints (give your self a couple of minutes between each to recover!); either running, stairs, bike, rower, or any other movement that literally max’s your heart rate.

More information regarding Michael Mosley’s philosophies (and facts), can be found at: http://thefastdiet.co.uk/

[/sociallocker] This will ensure that your health doesn’t suffer, and hopefully your waist line will stay the same too!


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