Shopping with a Stylist Reviews

The date is set for another Shopping with a Stylist session on Saturday 24th March, 2018 at 2pm. We thought we’d look back at last session, and review the feedback!

From Roz:

I just have to share that I have really enjoyed my styling experience with Charlotte.

Just as the world is forever changing and evolving so have I as a woman and becoming a mum was the biggest change of all.

I had forgotten who I was and my body has changed so much that nothing felt comfortable.

Charlotte has given me the tools to feel comfortable in my skin again!!!!
I love my body again!
I feel confident and happy ????
My husband keeps commenting that I’m always smiling.
And that is because I feel good every day dressing for my body.

The shopping trip was so much fun!
Relaxed and easy!
Charlotte was so organised and had pre scouted out looks for us in the store.
And now every day I have something I can chuck on and feel great in!

Highly recommend everyone sitting down with charlotte and going over the process. She is so very approachable. Such a comfortable experience.

Thank you charlotte xxx

A little styling trick to improve your waistline – tuck it in!

And from Sandra:

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU IntoYou for introducing Charlie from streetstyle + fitness to us. Providing me with the opportunity to have some help from a stylist for my Spring/ Summer basics. I have had the pleasure of shopping one on one with Charlie a few years ago and found it so helpful to have someone in the fitting room to adjust what i have chosen to work for my body shape. Plus this time around there was the added fun bonus of shopping with a few wonderful girls from the gym as well, which made it very relaxed.

Charlie also encouraged me to try on a few things which I would have walked straight past. One i purchased, anther i didnt but i did have to give a good reason as to why i didnt like it because it did (apparently) look good.

Not only did i find clothes that looked great we shopped at shops that were affordable so the money could go as far as needed. (which was a fair way) 

I would highly recommend a group shopping experience with Charlie for anyone. coz by the end of it you will be inspired do it again … When is the next one? Book me in 

Styling at IntoYou is used as a way to address self image and perception. We use it to “show” you what you REALLY look like! Rather than “hiding” the parts of your body that you despise (which is a good way to remind yourself about what you hate), we draw attention to the parts that you LOVE… this also happens to be a good way to help you see yourself positively! You will feel more satisfied within yourself, healthier, happier, and you’ll be MORE likely to achieve the other goals you set yourselves in life too. And no, we are not making this up – it is actually based in Positive Psychology science!

We deliberately shop at Target, so that a whole wardrobe makeover will only cost $100-200. This is a unique opportunity to get professional advice on a budget!

We currently have 6 places in March’s session… don’t miss out!

Want results like this for your clients? We can teach YOU these skills! Check out our How to Be Satisfied with Your Body Series here!

OR, are you a client and want a trainer of our calibre? Do you need some ‘me’ time? Are you afraid to exercise for fear of making something worse? Try out a session with one of our trainers for free – Book now !!

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