Shopping Online Versus Shopping With a Stylist

Is shopping for clothes fun and productive for you?
If YES, great keep doing what you’re doing!
If NO let’s figure out why….

When you shop for new clothes which one are you?….

Online shopper – I tend to shop on the same sites as I know they fit, feel bored.
Online shopper – I loved it in the pic, I wear some of it, some fit some don’t, feel blaahh
Online shopper – I loved it in the pic, I’ve never worn it, I didn’t return it, feel broke!

Mall shopper – I go to the shops I know, buy a couple of things on my own, feel ok.
Mall shopper – I try some new shops, buy some things, some of which are sitting in wardrobe unworn, feel nervous.
Mall shopper – I walk around for hours, feel overwhelmed, head home empty handed, feel unsatisfied.

Whichever one (or more) you identify with above, you could do better.

The right Stylist can provide hands on guidance and advice based on YOUR body and lifestyle so that you shop effectively, don’t waste money or precious time and you’ll wear everything
in your wardrobe. Not only that but you will walk away with more confidence and self esteem after knowing how to work with what you have. (It’s a proven fact with statistics to show). When shopping online you have no way of knowing 100% (until it comes) whether it works for you, if it fits you plus you’ve spent time trawling the pages looking for something you HOPE will work.
The fact that women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time means there’s a lot of wasted $$$ sitting in there.


Because you’ve been enticed by a great bargain, got it home, doesn’t fit BUT ‘it might one day’ you say!! or …
you have run around like a headless chicken with 20 mins, found it, looks great in the window so don’t try it on, get it home and SURPRISE you don’t like it but you keep it anyway. or….
you have shopped online, you loved it in the pic but hate it on you but can’t be bothered to return it…. so it simply sits there.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Shopping with a Stylist can not only save you money but with the right one it’s so much fun. It generally takes only 2 hrs and all the hard work is done for you! Don’t get me wrong, shopping online has really come a long way over the years and I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, what I am saying is save yourself some money and see a Stylist at least once so that you can learn what works and what doesn’t before you hit the keyboard. It just makes sense.

Make Shopping Fun Again!

Details about our next trip here!

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