Session Timetable & Course Fees June 2016

Our training schedule is fluid; that is, it is determined by demand (or lack thereof). However, we have had numerous requests for prices, timetables, and conditions, and we will attempt to deliver this information as it stands today!

IntoMum sessions are small group sessions for women, 4 participants or less. At the moment we have sessions:

MON 9am, 930am, 10am, and 230pm.

TUE 9am, 930am, 230pm

WED 9am, 930am, 230pm

THUR 9am, 930am, 10am

FRI 9am, 930am, 1030am (1hr).

Many of these sessions are fully booked, so call the gym on 0410 508 101 to see what is available.

Your first IntoMum session is FREE. Thereafter it is $27.50 for 1 session/week, $44 for 2 sessions/week, $60.50 for 3 sessions a week (direct debit only). We only need 24hrs written notice to cancel your membership or suspend a payment.

2016-05-19 09.59.41

Happy sweaty mums

Our IntoGIRLS sessions run on the same payment schedule as the IntoMums (above), and are on at 430pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

2016-04-18 10.24.44

Our girls are taught healthy body image, healthy lifestyle habits, and self advocacy.

Our Adventure Programs and Events are usually on a Saturday morning, they are always at a different outdoor location each week. These are packaged up into 12 week bundles which include gym access, programs, and a session every week for 12 weeks, for $199-$299 depending on the event. Our next program is Run Club, at 8am Saturdays, followed by Bootcamp at 9am Saturdays. Our next overseas adventures will occur in Hawaii in September 2017 and Nepal in November 2017. Our overseas trips include training and gym membership, airfares, accommodation, and guides for $3000-$5000.

2016-03-19 11.49.04

Hiking Group 2016

Personal Training is available by appointment between 6am and 8pm, andf is $55/session with a minimum of 10 sessions. The cancellation policy is the same as the IntoMum conditions above. We have a BONUS training pack available at the moment, where you can get $110 of bonus sessions with each pack if you train at a specific time.


The Power Plate is a vital tool in our One on One training sessions

We have a 60-Days to Healthy Living weight loss challenge. The challenge includes all your shakes and supplements, 3 sessions with a trainer, your very own Arbonne consultant, and a further 30 days of creating a “new normal” so that you never revert back to your old habits. This challenge differs from every other challenge out there, because it teaches you the vital components of a supplement-free lifestyle that will keep the weight off for good.

Cat is pleased with her results!

Cat lost 19 years off her metabolic age on our 60-Day Challenge.

Finally, you can do our 6-Step Restore Your Core program one step at a time at 1pm every Wednesday. This session is $55 (down from $99), and is a layman’s version of our nation-wide course for Personal Trainers.


It is important to train your core as a mum, because you are lifting your baby all day!

We hope that this clears up your questions! Please contact the gym if we missed anything on or 0410 508 101!


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