Serious Dumbells

This session is for your back (not that you’d realize ), utilising the humble dumbell as our main tool. Every exercise is focused on posture, balance, and movement through the spine.

We do not use kettlebells in our studio. The reason for this is almost everything that you can do with a kettlebell, you can also do with a dumbell, but the reverse is not true. Dumbells are therefore, in our view, more functional and versatile.

The point is to move as quickly as possible between exercises, to keep the heart rate up, then modify your weight, sets, and reps according to your goal:
1) Muscle gain – heavy weight, 5 sets of 5-10 reps
2) Muscle endurance – moderate weight, 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps


In this way we both burn fat/calories, and increase strength (20 birds with one stone guys!!)

1) Squat and Press – keep your weight on your heels as you squat…
 Then drive up through your legs and press the dumbells into the sky. Works legs, lungs, biceps, shoulders, and back!
 2) Bent over row – for the back and biceps. Keep your back turned upwards like a smiley face, we want to work good posture, not slumped posture!
3) Push up and Twist – for the chest and shoulders, this exercise also opens up the chest and works the abs, waist, and back. It is also a flexibility exercise for the spine and shoulders.
 A modified version if the weight is too heavy to keep your arm straight.
 4) Walking lunges – lunges, apart from being a great leg exercise, stretch the hip flexors and work on the foot’s ability to react and balance. The impact on landing is great for the pelvic floor, and holding the weights up high lifts your centre of gravity, forcing the abs and “core” to work much harder to balance.
5) Pilates Sit Up – this exercise we use to stretch the lower back, and work the abs and back.
6) Finish with a 1km sprint on the bike OR a 1min skip. This is primarily to allow the muscles some recovery, but keep the heart rate high and the calories burning!
Every tool we have in the IntoYou Studio, from the dumbell to the freeform board and PowerPlate, works many muscles at once. In this way we hold true to our mission, to deliver the most effective session in the shortest time possible. You will not find a hydraulic machine in our gym!
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