September Challenge: Learn to Lift by Ali!

In anticipation of our upcoming Learn to Lift session trial, on Saturdays at 7.30am from 6th October, Ali has designed the September Challenge to get you reinvigorated and excited about LIFTING!

This is the challenge.

One set of each:

Front or Back Squats


Bench Press




You will get 1 point for every rep you do, and one point for every kilo you do it with. For example,  20 squats with no weight is 20 points, but 20 squats with 10kg is 200 points! We add the points together, divide it by your bodyweight, and voila! We have a winner. Whoever has the most number of points wins a FREE Learn To Lift session (or PT session if you can’t make it). The reps are capped at 20, before you have to start adding weight, because we want you to go SLOW in this challenge, and do it well. There will be a prize for the most points male and female.

Regarding our August Challenge, we are currently rounding up your mindfulness sheets, and will announce a winner on Monday! Remember to bring them in with you, anyone who participated is in the draw for the wellness package!

Learn for about our 45min Saturday Session trial here:

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