Saturday’s Sizzler….@ IntoYou!

Saturday’s Sizzler Session! As always, engineered to burn a lot of energy (ie. fat), and therefor train smarter for shorter – to get the same results as all those people pounding the pavement for hours. We have also taken into consideration the unique postural problems that many mums suffer, and incorporated some corrective exercises into the program.


Alternate 20 squatting mb throw repeat 3x
with 20 side lunges just once each side between mb throw sets.

Alternate 1min V-Sit on Power Plate (30hts low)
with 1min bike/rower/skip and repeat both exercises twice

10 chin up & push up

Alternate 20 freeform lunges with shoulder press
with 10 hover to push up just once each side after the corresponding side’s lunges.

20 squat & curl & press – if time permits


Phew! Great effort guys!

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