Roz’s Motherhood Journey at IntoYou

Browsing Facebook the other day, as you do, and this memory came up from one of our longest participating clients… Who trained as a single white female before entering Motherhood!
“...Never ever did I think I could run again! In 2013 I hurt my back and stopped running. And I’ve missed it so much. But I related running to pain after this. I kept up with other training. But after having Jemima I had lost the desire to run all together. Today after almost a year of regular training back at Intoyou Fitness i felt confident and supported and strong enough from all the encouragement and knowledge I have received from there team Jade, Charlotte, Madelaine, & Clare, and I went out for a run. I ran/walked from Cromer to DY and back again and it felt amazing. Thank you…
Roz began her journey as a single beauty therapist who sponsored one of our groups in the Pub to Pub. A few months later she was a client, attracted by the 30min session when she’s working so long and hard in her own business. Then she got married, had a baby, had a C-Section, rehabilitated, rebuilt her business, moved house, and had another baby! In that time we have consistently started over, rebuilding form the inside out, and Roz has done her part being as consistent as she can with a home business and two babies.
Motherhood for Roz has been fraught with mental health rollercoasters. She has worked hard at building confidence, self acceptance, and being the mum she wants to be (although i think we can all agree that we are ALL works in progress, aren’t we!)
When asked if we could use her story in one of our blogs she replied…
… Absolutely 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and to be honest I couldn’t have gone on this journey as a mother again without all of you xxx …
Which got me thinking about how we also think about important the community, culture, and support network that we cultivate is! Our sessions only have 4 women (at most); it is enough to make friends and go on coffee dates, but not so many that you’re ever forgotten!
THANK YOU Roz for your feedback, these drops of positive feedback seriously keep us going. We want MORE than just good sessions, we want to contribute to a good LIFE! Not just for you, but for our trainers and community too! Good luck and keep on keeping on, Roz!
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