Rip Trainer

Our super-star, Stacey, demonstrates our new toy, the Rip Trainer from TRX. It’s harder than it looks, with much of the intensity coming from trying to stay straight when you’are being pulled one way.
The Rip Trainer’s main purpose is to unconsciously trigger your deep abdominal muscles into action. Muscles that you may or may not be able to consciously contract. This means that we can help develop the deepest core strength, and combat common problems like back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.
We attached our RT with the door attachment, about shoulder high for the average person.
The plain-old squat gets another dimension when you’re being pulled sideways…
Turn around and repeat the squat or make it a lunge, to emphasize the back, rather than the chest and abs.


Hockey anyone?

The Axe-chop… wouldn’t want to give her a real one…
 The canoe-sweep, functional and sports specific.
Making it harder by adding a 45 degree angle
 The “Thruster” with a twist (well, not actually twisting, but your obliques will scream like you are”


 Not that the lunge and twist needs to be any harder….

When you run through these exercises, you may be surprised by the cardio intensity. Because it works so many muscles, this workout is more about high reps and powerful movements – rather then pure strength training. It is a good way to turn your basic strength session into a fat-burning power session. We did sets of 20 each side, but you can do intervals with this training methodology (like the MRT sessions)
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