Rhys’s Life Has Changed Because of Maddy at IntoYou

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just train mums at IntoYou; but also men who need to change their life. Many of these men have been referred by their physio, chiro, or healthcare professional. Almost all of them suffer deep core dysfunction, presenting in back pain, hernia, disc problems, and incontinence (yep, men suffer too!! In fact, up to 30% of men in care are incontinent). We work closely with their advising health professional, to ensure that we give every client the best possible session (male or female), and literally change their life with our clever, specific, and evidence based training techniques. We expect to make whole-life changes in just 30 minutes a week. However, even though this is our intention, it doesn’t dull the excitement when we get feedback that says we have done just that! Rhys came to us in 2016 with a chronic and painful back injury, and this is what he says now:

” Thanks Maddie. 

You will never understand how grateful I am that you helped me get my life back on track after my back injury. I was in a dark place when we first met but with your help, I can now run, ride, ski and most importantly sail again. 
Thank you, 
Rhys 🙂 🙂 “
Naturally, we were beside ourselves with pride and excitement to read this feedback!! Congratulations to both Rhys and Maddy for such a fantastic result!!

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