Remember When… A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today we are going to revisit and remember when a handful of our clients did extraordinary things, that seem ordinary from the outside. You have to remember that only 2% of all Australian’s train regularly in gyms, and even fewer are women… There are many things that make IntoYou different from other gyms, and one of them is what we get excited about when it comes to our client’s achievements. However, what we perceive as an “achievement” also differs from other gyms. Without goal of providing LIFE CHANGING training, just looking pretty (according to the whims of society at this moment’s) isn’t enough. What truly changes your life is disease prevention, improved mental health, connection and community.

We are not about how you look but how you feel.  

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So with that in mind, today we are taking a trip down memory lane to celebrate some truly life changing achievements from some of our clients. Here are just a few of mine…


⭐️Caroline told me she dragged a table up the stairs without hurting herself! Caroline had been in such chronic, awful pain that she couldn’t do pelvic floor exercise without catastrophic flare ups.

⭐️Lucy told me she was able to climb in the window when she got locked out! Women *of a certain age* , ahem, have been told they’re too small, too old, and too weak to lift their bodyweight, well, this showed them!

⭐️Colleen told me she did some gardening and wasn’t in pain afterwards! Being able to spend time doing the things you love is more powerful and life-altering than confirming to societies fickle views on beauty.

⭐️Fiona worked hard mentally and physically to achieve her goal of going on the hiking trip. She wasn’t a typical adventure trip participant and had to overcome crippling doubts and fears!

⭐️Kathy slid down a sand dune on her boogy board at bootcamp for the first time! Kathy was very composed and proper before she met us and we fostered her playful side!

⭐️Any client feels a little better about their body image! After 20 years in the fitness industry, we learned long ago that happiness doesn’t happen with a dress size or special number on the scale.

⭐️Lesley realised she feels physically worse when she doesn’t come to the gym! For some conditions, being still makes them worse, and the endorphins released with movement can make them better!

⭐️Jen climbed over a piece of workout equipment at the park with help from her fellow boot campers! This showed teamwork and collaboration, huge components of mental health and life satisfaction!

⭐️Deb recovered from hip surgery to continue doing what she loves! For some, surgery is the end of their physical health as they knew it. However, with proper rehab many people can return to the things that make them happy!

⭐️Trish scrambled through a moving rope bridge in the kid’s park without falling over! She’s broken her foot 3 times falling over, and has worked hard on her balance!

⭐️Sam overcame her inner critic and took part in Raw Challenge … and loved it! So what if you’re not a typical candidate – that’s what the IntoYouLife is about! Feeling, moving, being different!

⭐️Rhian felt empowered at the increase in the weight she was lifting! Better is better, improvement is improvement, progress is progress – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

⭐️Nicole improved her back pain by training more! Numerous studies show that weight lifting improves back pain, but for women, we have to also manage their different pelvic structures. At IntoYou we can do both!

⭐️The boot campers embraced the rain, got soaked and laughed their socks off! Why are we so frightened of getting wet anyway? It’s a wonderful opportunity to get “in to the moment”!

⭐️Louise gave it go, even if it was a bit scary and was happy she did! As all of us age our confidence get’s rocked. Overcoming this on a daily basis is no small feat!

⭐️Babs knew she recovered quicker from surgery thanks to her training! If anyone has had surgery in the past decade knows, they get you walking as soon as possible. Lying still is death and lifting weights reverses the aging clock!

⭐️When anyone didn’t feel like it but showed up anyway!! This is an accomplishment! Showing up matters more than the intensity of the session! Well done all of you!

There are so many more, too many to mention, and as trainers we are all so proud of all of you.
Never underestimate the power of any achievement, big or small.

Charlie x

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