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Just another way that we are trying to make your lives better… RECIPE PACKS… now we SHOP for you too! Jade’s recipe’s on The Life Enhancement Project have been so popular that we bundled up the ingredients, slipped in a recipe card, and will get them delivered to the gym for FREE! If you missed them, go to the “Nutrition” unit or search “recipes” on the landing page and you can check them out for yourself.

What we are trying to do at IntoYou this year, which started before COVID but is especially important now, is to ENHANCE LIFE. This means adding stuff in, making it better, bringing you more – and never, ever taking away or increasing negativity. We recognise that your brains need nurturing, and it’s through you’re brain that we will make a difference and get results… but even the word result means more than weight loss – we measure results by your increases in happiness!

Take a moment, right now, and scale your satisfaction with your life on a scale from 1 (terrible) to 10 (wonderful). Where do you sit? What are some of the things taking you away from a 10/10 life? Chores? Appreciation?

… and what bring you towards a 10/10 life?

Studies show that the single greatest thing that you can do for disease prevention, increasing mental health, and increasing life satisfaction is EXERCISE, so that’s where we will start. The second greatest thing you can do? Eat a plant-based (not necessarily vegetarian) diet. It is true that healthy eating is difficult at first, and there’s all sorts of early research that is showing how our gut bacteria uses the vagus nerve to communicate with the brain and dictate our food choices. This is tough to overcome with willpower alone, and is one of the reasons why people generally are so unsuccessful with diets. However, if you “feed” your gut microbiome the right kind of foods, the ones that prefer healthy foods will start to flourish, and the tide starts to turn.

This approach is a slow burner. We will not be sharing 8 week body transformations where clients loose 15kg and re-enforce the fairy tale that if you lose X kilo’s you’ll be happy. I have been a Strength and Conditioning Coach, training mum’s specifically for 13 years (and a Personal Trainer for 19 years), and have never seen weight loss = happiness. Having said that, when put up against other trainer’s programs, our approach was surprisingly effective! You can read about this here!

Which brings me back to the recipe packs. They’re all purchased from Honest to Goodness, and Australian Company and 100% organic, who are working towards a Carbon Neutral business.  Until we reach a higher volume of orders, we’ll only be ordering once a month, then once a fortnight, then once a week (GOALS!!). Let us take care of the stress of working out what’s for dinner, or making healthy, lunchbox friendly snacks for your kids – so that you can start turning the tide for your health, fitness, and LIFE!!

Recipes so far include:

Date Bliss Balls

Lunchbox Friendly Apricot Bliss Balls

Beans in the Slow Cooker (with Spices)

Beans in the Slow Cooker (no Spices)

Chia Pudding

DIY Muesli

Black Bean Brownies

Coconut Curry (with Spices)

Coconut Curry (no Spices)


Want us to do a healthy version of one of your favorites? CAN DO! Email us your current recipe at [email protected] and we’ll jazz it up, pack it in to an Australian, organic pack, and add it to our repertoire!

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