Raw Food

At IntoYou, with the exception of our Strip Off For Winter Challenge, we endorse a “moderation” approach to eating and exercise. In other words, using all your trainer’s smarts to give you the best weights, cardio, and eating plan possible – economical on time, but effective with results. The Raw Food Diet fits well with our ideology, because it’s about whole food the same way we are about the whole body. An apple is a more efficient VitC tablet than the tablet, like a squat is a more effective leg strengthening exercise than a calf raise.

Benefits of the Raw Food Diet include:

  • More wholesome nutrition
  • More fibre
  • More healthy fats
  • Feeling fuller

If you’d like to try the Raw Food Diet, start simple. For example, refusing anything out of a packet.

As you get better at it, you can make your own cakes, energy balls, and muesli bars – using nuts and fruit. Cooking on the Raw Food Diet is remarkably simple, as it usually entails little more than a blender, and allowing the creation to set in the fridge!

Recipes are available for free at: http://therawfoodkitchen.com.au/

Another beauty about this eating plan, is that there is no plan! No calories, no specific eating times, sizes, or foods. And you will probably still lose weight – woho!


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