Quick Cardio!

Today’s session was about burning as many calories as possible in a short time, and the best way to achieve this is CARDIO INTERVALS!

Different cardio machines lend themselves better or worse to different interval frameworks, so we did 5 minute stints on each machine. The skipping and mini tramp intervals are usually also good for sprint/speed running intervals too.


1) BIKE: 8 sec sprint / 12 sec slow cycle. This methods of training for 20min x 3 per week has been shown to yield equal results in fat loss as 3 x 1hr brisk walks a week. It yields BETTER fitness and muscle response results.

2) ROWER: 45 sec sprint / 15 sec slow row. The longer interval means a higher heart rate and a different energy system than the bike. The length interval is generally lactate training, whereas the Bike intervals train your ATP system (not something you generally need to know, but in case you are interested!!)

3) Mini tramp (high knees) or SKIP: 2 min hard and fast / 30 sec complete stop rest (stay standing). You can have up to a minute recovery for this one. This is a longer interval again, good for developing power. It is your aerobic energy system. It is this system that Matt Roberts trained Maddona with, 3 x a week.

After this, rather than doing another set of intervals, we did three circuit-style exercises that maintained that high heart rate, whilst working their muscles as well:

1) Chin up to Push up (we used a mini-tramp to get up to the bar)
2) Lie down (flat on floor) , get up and run length of the room, walk return and repeat!
3) Heavy deadlift (bent legs)


I took some fantastic photos (read: good facial expressions) but couldn’t upload them for some reason! So use your imaginations (or post some for us!!)

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