What questions do you ask yourself, and are the the “right” ones?

In our little studio, we have the benefit of learning life’s lessons from hundreds of people. There are patterns that emerge, that i am sure a psychologist sees everyday, and that would take us a lifetime to learn if we weren’t in the company of so many people each day.

Whatever the answers are, that is okay! But i think it is important that we break the habit of lying to ourselves, or making excuses, so we feel better about our behavior. If you can identify just one aspect of your life where you are behaving like this, and turn it around to achieve your goal, wouldn’t that be amazing?

We all talk to ourselves, we all have our own insecurities, as i like to term “the inner chicken”. This is an internal reflection exercise for those of you who feel like you’ve plateaued and don’t know why. Good luck with it!!



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