Pretty Patterns with Reps (repetitions)

Mixing up the reps in a program is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your training, as well as keep it interesting. One of my favorite client’s once mentioned that she hates increasing reps through a program (starting with a low number and building to a high number), so today I had “mercy” and we did a pyramid – we started with 10, built to 50 reps, then went back down to 10 reps.

The program goes like this:

10 single arm pull up (or Lat pull down, or chin ups if you are strong!!) This is for the back and should strength and mobility.

20 walking lunges with a knee and calf raise (it looks like the ministry of funny walks, but a good stretch/strengthen exercise too!!). This is great balance for the supporting leg, your body has to control momentum so is (hopefully) using TVA, and the lunge is a good groin/hip flexer stretch.

30 twisty push ups. This is a fantastic anterior shoulder stretch, so e work the chest without “closing” the client’s posture. Lots of scapular movement, and a good ab contraction/control exercise too.

40 butterfly squats. This is for the butt and thighs. In our sessions we emphasize pelvic floor and breathing synchronisation in this kind of exercise too.

50 step ups with a press. This adds to the cardio effect. There is also a balance and an impact component, which is important for bone density, and maximizing the volume of muscles that are utilized.

Time for a quick drink, then start on the other leg and work down from 50 back to 10.

The whole program should take 15-20min. In the extra minutes we did an interval circuit that consisted of dips x 10 reps, squat jumps x 10 reps, and scorpian hover x 10 reps, on the minute, every minute, for 10 minutes. Yeeow!

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