Post Natal-Safe Crossfit!

For this session we took a Crossfit format, and inserted some low impact core-strengthening exercises instead of the regular Crossfit movements. This session will still give you a toned body, and a great cardio and strength workout, but without the stress on your pelvic floor. Crossfit are loud and proud about their “leaky” clients who cannot hold their wee in because the weight they lift is so heavy. We are not impressed with this thinking (and the irreversible damage it can cause), but love the creative session structures.

This is a 4-exercise circuit, blown to 6 exercises because we separated the left and right sides. You do 4 sets of each exercise, with the same weight:

  1. 20 repetitions
  2. 15 repetitions
  3. 10 repetitions
  4. 5 repetitions
The program! Spotted the typo after taking the photo, the last exercise should read “Right SL & R)
Exercise 1 – V plank with a push up. Start with the push up, then jump and land with your legs either side of you hands. Jump back to push up position and repeat.
Exercise 2 – Crouch with a scoop. Crouch like the sphinx in Egypt, with the weight in front of you. Scoop the weight from the floor to shoulder-height, then finish with it under your chin, as you stand up. A mirror is handy to watch the knees stay straight (knock-knees indicates that your butt is not switching on).
Exercise 3 – Side lunge with row. If you have mercy you will lunge to the opposite leg that you just lunged with. Do left leg lunge, for exercise 2, and do left arm row, for exercise 3 (right leg lunge).
Exercise 4 – Walking hover. Take a step back, follow with the other leg, then step forward again. Alternate legs so that you are even.

Exercise 5 & 6 – repeat on the right leg (crouch) and right arm (lunge and row).

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