IntoYou is hosting a special awareness night addressing common Pelvic Floor and Core problems with Post Natal Women. It will be held on 30th April, at Collaroy Plateau Community Centre, and is FREE if you bring a friend. The aim is to impart some simple, yet useful, information to those of us who need it most.

One of our mum's restoring her core with the assistance of her second baby!

One of our mum’s restoring her core with the assistance of her second baby!

Over 75% of women experience pelvic floor dysfunction at some point in their lives. It is a taboo subject, with many women “grinning and bearing” it, whilst miserable, insecure, and ashamed on the inside. Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles, and if it is not fixable, it is possible to manage and improve your symptoms!

The seminar will cover:

  1. The anatomy of your pelvic floor
  2. How to keep it healthy
  3. What to do if it’s broken

From here, we can start you on our 6-step Core Restore program. This program will gradually regain your connection with your internal core, including the pelvic floor. It is two sessions a week, and will take you step by step from your everyday Kegals (“squeeeeeze!”) to being able to withstand impact exercise. This course is performed with Physiotherapist support.

Please do not live with the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction for any longer! Come to our seminar, and at least begin the conversation that will educate you to fully-functioning health!