It is hard to imagine Jo as anyone different to the energetic, free spirited person she is now, but there was a time where she was “snowed under” with the burden of her own business, a very personal tragedy, and day-to-day family life. Jo has overcome incredible hurdles to be where she is today. She is honest, hard-working, and consistent, and we are really pleased that we are able to play a role in her ongoing transformation!

This is what she has to say:

After years of yo yo diets, gym member ship after gym member ship, and 2 kids, my weight hit the heaviest I had ever been. I knew that something needed to be done. When IntoYou opened up down the road from my house I thought I’d give it a go. But what would make this gym any different to last ones I had been to? With small classes of 4, 30min sessions which I was able to fit into my busy day, and a very comfortable environment I have finally been able to stick to my goals. 

IntoYou is what I call a “real people’s” gym. There are no Beef-Cakes flexing in the mirror along with Barbie on the treadmill to play with my self confidence, and best of all,  it is KID FRIENDLY!!

I started off small with 1 session a week  and followed their nutrition advice. Then as my weight came off my confidence increased and so did my sessions. I now go anywhere up to 6 times a week and I ran my first 5km fun run. I love it. I have dropped 3 dress sizes and I feel amazing .  I can’t thank  the into you trainers  enough for my transformation.

Jo, we love you! Thanks for training with us!

Jo, one year ago on the left (shortly after starting her training). On the right - today!

Jo, one year ago on the left (shortly after starting her training). On the right – today!