For those of you who have teenage girls, read this testimonial from Isabelle’s trainer Jade (with permission from her mum!)!

Isabelle was a 11 year old when she was first introduced to our training by her mum Bronwyn.

Bronwyn was concerned about her daughters health & well being, as she didn’t do any organised sport after school. Isabelle would only occasionally ride her bike, swim at the beach and jump on the trampoline like any other kid her age.

Isabelle started one on one training with us and achieved some amazing fitness goals. She completed her first 5km fun run and then was able to enjoy her skiing holiday with no injury or soreness.

We introduced IntoGirls this year. Girls aged 12-17yrs in small groups, coming twice a week. Bronwyn loved the idea that Isabelle would be training with other girls her age.

The focus on these IntoGirl groups was to make it fun, nurturing & making it a supportive environment for these girls to develop their social circle in a positive way.  With the help of IntoYou trainers educating the girls on healthy eating, exercise and body image.

Isabelle has made exercise a regular part of her lifestyle now which enable her to make the right choices when it comes to healthy lunches & snacks at school. This has given her the confidence to feel happy about herself. We wish Isabelle all the best with her Year 6 farewell dinner and we are looking forward to training Isabelle through the next stages of her life “The teenager years!!!”

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Isabelle has thrived with the IntoGIRLS program, and enjoys the variety in her training.