Nepal’s Earthquake occurred two weeks before our departure, and they experienced another one whilst we were away. Thankfully, 10 days was enough for us to organise a completely different trip!

We have rescheduled Nepal to April next year, so that we don’t lose our deposit. We then re-routed our flights to Cambodia. With the money we had left we managed a 10 day trip – 6 days hiking and 4 days sightseeing and shopping.

Cambodia was the toughest trip we have ever done. It was 38 degrees everyday, with the humidity lifting the feeling to 44 degrees. We had trained for 12-18k mountains and instead hiked 20k flat trails (it is NOT easier, FYI!). In addition, because the trip was organised so quickly, there was a lot of confusion and disorganisation that left us bewildered!

Luckily, every day we hiked had an option. For the most part we had an air-conditioned van following us, so when the heat got to us we could always pop into the van. On other days we changed the route to shorter or shadier. When we couldn’t change it, we got up before 4.30am and hiked in the dark. Trust me, the 4 days recovery were well deserved!

Nepal is still on for next year, but we will have a plan B in place well before departure, this time, more appropriate to our training!