Well, it was a third trip to Nepal – we did Annapurna Base camp in 2016 and Everest Base Camp in 2017 – and this one did not disappoint either! We are very lucky to have fabulous support in Nepal. Binod and his team from Hike Nepal handle every curve ball with humility and calm; which ahs the effect of boosting our confidence and nurturing us to try new things, even things that scare us.

Our group arrived on the 15th May, 2024, and were immediate hit in the face with Kathmandu’s chaos. You can read about that here!

We had the bus ride of our lives, which you can read about here!

Day 1 on the trails and we already wanted to go home, after climbing almost 1500 metres in 12 hours…. see it here.

Poor old Karla got sick on her birthday, and then our crew split up!

Read about how we were reunited in a 7-Star hotel, and how going down 3-days worth of climbing makes your limbs fall apart here!

Then how short lived our relief at going back up hill was… because this mountain literally went up for DAYS!

Then it was Helen’s Birthday!

You can read about the magical Gossainkunda lakes here, and how we made a 4hr hike last for 8hrs here! Then, all too soon, we were sightseeing and on our way home again.

We complain and complain, and it was really hard. However there’s something inspiring and rewarding about doing hard things, where you feel a sense of worth, a burst of confidence, and a fizzle of pride on the moment you achieve it! It is literally something else!