Our 2018 Gym trip took a left hand turn from trips that went before, as we headed to Bali to surf!

This time, instead of heading to a challenging location, the challenge was learning a new sport, and we headed to the very touristy island of Bali to complete the challenge. This trip had all the idealised “holiday” aspects: relaxation, cocktails, resort wear – but with a twist… Our team had to learn how to surf! For 3 months we persevered and persevered, we failed, we fell off, we got sick, but we never gave up! It was with some trepidation that our team headed to the airport and to the Hidden Valley resort, but they literally blew away everyone’s expectations with 7 days of ideal conditions to surf! There was great variety in the yoga sessions too, from anti-gravity, to Vinyasa, and more! After 7 days they headed inland to climb a volcano (and shop), before returning home exhausted but puffy-chested proud of themselves!

We are proud of our “regular” mums; these were just ordinary, everyday women, who took on an extraordinary challenge, and we salute you! Read more on these inspiring individuals here!

Bali Day 1

Bali Day 2

Bali Day 3

Bali Day 4

Bali Day 5

Bali Day 6

Bali Day 7

Bali Day 8 & 9

Bali Day 10

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