Our trip to Everest was by far the hardest trip we have ever done. 10 of our 18 participants achieved Base Camp, but only 2 made it to Kalapatthar Base Camp the day after. We had lots of drama, with people contracting colds, and being helicoptered out, and even a fire! Despite the intensity of the two weeks, everyone was extremely proud of what they achieved (perhaps BECAUSE of the intensity)!

You can read about our adventure here:

  1. The Drama of Air Travel, which started from day 1!
  2. The Flight to Lukla, one of the most dangerous airports in the world!
  3. Today is Tuesday, where we started going a little nutty!
  4. The IntoYou Choir, how we entertained ourselves in the freezing cold.
  5. Learning the meaning of Acclimatisation!
  6. Losing our Red Ninja, the shock of our first emergency evacuation.
  7. Having a bad day in the Himalayas.
  8. Conquering Everest Base Camp!
  9. More details on EBC from those who made it!
  10. The fire in the Teahouse.
  11. The Team Reunites.
  12. Tracey’s experience

You can watch our adventure here!