Philosophy of Eating

There are so many diet plans out there, and so much conflicting information regarding eating, it is difficult to know where to begin for health or weight loss.

We call it “making pretty patterns with your food”, and one of these pretty patterns will suit you more than another, simply because it will (or won’t) satisfy the habits you are already in.

At IntoYou, besides the challenges, we have some basic eating guidelines, of which the goal is moderation, maximum health, and happiness.

  1. Eat as close to the original food as possible. This doesn’t mean going crazy on organics. This simply means mean food in it’s original condition. For example, you eat raw nuts over a nut bar, a whole apple instead of apple puree, brown bread instead of white, rare meat instead of processed sausage, etc. Staying away from packet food will dramatically reduce the volume of added sugar, chemicals, preservatives, and salt in your diet.
  2. Eat fruit and vegetables first, and eat a lot of them! For us, this means not restricting yourself on special occasions, but prioritising your intake. At Christmas dinner for example, there are often many choices and amazing desserts. if you eat a whole plate full of fresh salad and seafood before embarking on the roast dinner and dessert, do you think you will eat more or less of the foods that are damaging to your health? In addition, you never feel like you have to exert super-human willpower to cut those foods out, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out!
  3. Create your own pretty pattern. In my house, this means we stock no food that has added sugar in the pantry, we don’t buy sausages, and we never order hot chips. This doesn’t mean we don’t eat cake, or sausages, or hot chips; what it does mean is that we don’t eat those foods on a regular basis. Our pantry is clean, whole foods, which make up the majority of our diet. This means we can be less selective when we go out (but not self-destructive), and we can let the guilt trip go.
  4. Drink water. This is a simple one. This is the one exception to “cutting” out food groups. Apart from the odd social drink, alcohol, soft drinks, and even juice (unless you make it yourself, and even then…) have no place in our diet. The damage they do starts at your teeth, which incidentally has an impact on your general health further down the line (bad teeth can be an indicator for Gestational Diabetes, for example).

See how you go, implementing one eating guideline after the other!

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