Make One Change Feb 2019: Meditate

Stress has an incredibly detrimental effect on our health – on parr with plastics, chemicals, and smoking! Stress can contribute to heart disease, infertility, premature aging and heaps more. However, there’s good news! Regular, consistent meditation effectively works as an antidote to the effects of stress, and therefore decreasing your risk of all those nasty […]

Make One Change: January 2019

Make One Change: January 2019 was to Become a Fabric Snob… Many of us don’t realise that synthetic fabrics are actually petroleum products, another form of plastic. The consequences of these products include microfibres washing down the drain and in to the sea every time you wash them, toxic chemicals absorbing in to your skin […]

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. ― Mahatma Gandhi

We can do better. Better for our physical, emotional, mental health, better for our kids, and we can certainly do better by our planet. One Change a Month, every month, towards the goal of reducing our impact on the environment and improving our, and our children’s, health!

Choose a month, either a current one or one from the past, and read the information about this particular change. Spend the whole month turning this change in to a new habit, then move on to the next month! See left hand column.

Also below, check out our FREE monthly challenge! You too can win the prize, simply by participating!

Christmas Blitz is BACK

Back by Popular Demand, our Christmas Blitz is currently being updated and rebooted by Jade! The Christmas Blitz is an opportunity to work on your mind, body, and soul during what can be for some, a very stressful time of year. The idea is that you get as mentally, physically, and emotionally fit as possible, […]

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