Parents with Children and Their Exercise Habits

We are currently surveying parents, particularly mums, on their exercise habits.

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At IntoYou, we are always studying, making certain that we are giving your the best and shortest exercise plan possible, and this is another incentive to ensure we continue to do just that! Half of the trainers at IntoYou are parents of young children, and have noticed that we spend a lot of time sitting on the sidelines watching our kids engage in sport. This begs the question, when do WE get to exercise? How do WE fit it in? Do we even think of ourselves, and skip it entirely because we didn’t consider doing it? And what can be done about it?

Exercise is integral to function, and how can we function as the best parent possible, if we are not fit enough for the job? Most of the mums training at the gym bring their kids, and this is one solution, but what of the parent that is working full time? When do they get to exercise? Our country is now the fattest in the world, and among the most under-nourished, so it would make sense to answer these questions.

Which is where YOU come in! Please follow this link and take 5 minutes to answer 8 questions, and we will attempt to solve this riddle for you!

Kids and Parent Sporting Habits

If we could make activity a communal habit, where the parent sets a positive example for their child, would that help? If the parent did not have to leave their child in order to exercise, would that help? Let us know!

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