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At IntoYou, our mission is to enhance your life’s journey by sharing our knowledge, creating opportunities, celebrating your achievements, and working towards balance and happiness

At IntoYou, our mission is to enhance you’re life’s journey, by sharing our knowledge, making it fun, creating opportunity, and working towards balance and happiness. We are NOT about how you look, we are about how you LIVE!


    No punishment here. We nurture you on your life’s journey, working towards balance and happiness

  • FOOD

    No strict diets here! We use Nutrition Coaching to work with you towards vitality, immunity, and happiness!


    It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you LIVE! We use styling to help you see yourself more positively and feel better now, no matter what the number on the scales is


    Because balance and self care is important, the yin with the yan; we have indulgent organic facials, luxuriant spiritual healing massage, and scar release massage!

Client of the Quarter: Tatum, Sandra, and Wayne

We have three new clients that we’d like to celebrate this quarter! All of them will win a free one on one session, but one of them will win TWO free PT sessions and a MASSAGE! The Client of the Quarter program is designed to give ordinary hero’s a nod for the extraordinary things they […]

Surfing Group 2020 Run Down

We had our last Surfing Group session last Saturday, and i can hear you ask “what the?” Our Surfing group had exactly 6 sessions this year before COVID19 interrupted our plans of sandy, salty, sociable Saturdays! At first, when limited to just 2 people in a gathering, we thought to cancel it and make the […]

Cycle Tassie 2019 Gym Trip

Well our 2019 Gym Trip is well and truly underway, with cold and rainy conditions! The team made it to the west coast yesterday, after cycling for 3 days in torrential rain! On the plus side, they get to see all the streams, waterfalls, and rivers with water in them, which is more than we […]

Clare Hozack

Clare Hozack

Chose Clare if you are looking for a competitive edge, or have a specific physiological health concern that needs specialised and experienced care.

Clare is our Restore Your Core specialist and Strength and Conditioning Coach who has the skills to blend training for performance with deep core rehab and injury management

Jade Flaherty

Jade Flaherty

Jade is a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer who blends eating and movement to get you the best results possible.

Jade is passionate about strength training, believing that the skills you use to overcome big weights translate in to resilience in life. Her sessions are perfect for a training + nutrition coaching combo, as she is also our Nutrition Coach!

Charlotte May

Charlotte May

Charlie is our Styling and Selft Esteem trainer. Using the "tricks" of the fashion trade to help you see yourself in a positive way.

Charlie is is our bubbly, fun-and-games, self-esteem boosting trainer. She is also a stylist who uses her skills to help you see yourself looking as great as you start feeling after a couple of her sessions!

Claire Morton

Claire Morton

Claire has all your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual needs covered!

Claire is a massage & beauty therapist, and spiritual healer from Wales. Skilled in deep relaxation in a short time period, Claire also delivers the most decadent Scar Release and Organic Facial treatments in her sessions.

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