Our New Massage Therapist Claire Morton!

Most of you know now that Maddy will sadly be leaving us at the end of this month. She wants to concentrate on Myotherapy, and will no longer be doing massage or personal training anymore. If you need Myotherapy, you will still be able to see her in Mona Vale. In the meantime, we had the difficult task of trying to find a therapist to replace her! We would like to Introduce Claire, an ex-lawyer who turned to alternative therapies to live a more positive life. Claire’s massages are also a meditation exercise, and she sees herself as a spiritual healer as well as a massage therapist, and she will also be providing the Scar Tissue Release from next year.

So this is Claire, in her own words!

” I can help you.

Hiya I’m Claire. I’m a fully qualified massage and beauty therapist from the UK.

After having my two children I felt lost, lonely and very depressed. After only a few weeks of being a mum I was diagnosed with severe post natal depression. After a lot of soul searching I made some major life changes and set myself some pretty challenging goals. Including moving to Australia.

Abandoning the “normal” 9-5 goal I completely retrained as a massage and beauty therapist in order to help as many people as I can.

I have always been a very sensitive and empathetic person and often pick up and “read “ other peoples energies. Prior to my training this left me completely drained and tired and quite frankly afraid of too much social interaction. Massage therapy helped me to ground and protect myself and others and completely changed my life.

Massage therapy has opened my mind to so many different modalities of healing and I feel I have found my true gift of healing through therapeutic touch.

When I massage someone it is a thoroughly holistic experience for the client and myself. Each massage I perform involves concentrating not only on muscle tension but also balancing chakras and energies. I use ancient herbs to cleanse and open energy centres in the form of incense, essential oils, sage etc. The music played includes binaural beats and isochoric tones. These are a
form of sound therapy. Therefore each and every massage will stimulate the sense of touch, small and sound.

Tailored especially for women and the sacred feminine energies. I am here to help you balance your body mind and soul and my therapies will help you to do that.

Massage therapy has totally changed my life and I cannot wait to share my gift with you.”

Claire is also now a local mum of two, her kids are enrolled in Cromer Primary and she shares the juggle of work and life with the rest of us! If you are lucky enough to share an IntoMum session with her make sure you say hi! Right now, Claire’s treatments are almost half-price, so treat yourself, your loved one, and your friends to a massage and meditation and reap the benefits of this magic woman’s hands! We can also do Gift Certificates! See and book available sessions here!

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