IntoYou 2023 Hiking Group ready to depart Sydney for New Zealand today

Off and Away for our 2023 Hiking Group

So he managed to keep it quiet until the last minute, but we are flying out for our 2023 Hiking Group Adventure on Brave Dave’s birthday! So the team have made sure his day has started well by taking him out for a birthday drink.

Our Hiking Group culminated last Saturday with a interminable 20km jaunt out the back of Terry Hills. Our team had varying commitments so peeled off and headed back at various times, but Karla, Rod, Fiona, and Clare completed the whole trail – which turned out to be 19km – but was tough just the same. The rain held off until our last kilometre, but that last kilometre went forever!!!!


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Once we get to Queenstown it’ll be the first time we’ve had our whole team all together! This year’s group was unique in that our participants lived from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to the Blue Mountains, to Bathurst! This meant we headed out to the mountains more often than usual, and shared the leading between trainers.

We have a special mission to assign a nickname to every participant. So far we have Brave Dave, Rocket Rod, Amazing Jen, Ninja Clare, and FAB (fiona, she just gets FAB because that happens to be her initals too!). We’re still working on the rest…

So, we are currently excited, waiting for our flight and making duty free purchases! We’ll be in Queenstown tonight, then we have Lakeview rooms in Manapouri tomorrow – after that don’t expect to hear from us until Saturday, as we will be out of range and busy adventuring in Fiordland National Park.

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