November’s Metabolic Ripper!!

This session will start a bit long, your goal is firstly to finish, then finish in under 20min, then as close to 15min as possible! It is designed as a metabolic training workout – that is, getting your heart pumping, burning fat, and creating new muscle to continue to burn fat, long after you finish the session.

Where alternate limbs are involved, it is 5 each side….!


1 x 10 Up and Down Dog
2 x 10 Bear Crawl with Tuck Jump (jump optional)
3 x 10 Bridge Dips (single leg optional – keep your hips up and really lean on your arms)
4 x 10 Donkey Kicks
5 x 10 Side Lunge with Side Bend
  6 x 10 Thruster
7 x 10 Crunches
8 x 10 Pilates Leg Extension
 9 x 10 Running Man (5 each side – really squat into it)
10 x 10 Star Jump
What time did you do it in?
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