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It was a shock last Saturday when we realised that it was our second last session of Bootcamp for 2016!! October is whizzing past, as we gear up for Tough Mudder on Oct 23rd (9am – in case you’re inclined to join us!). We have scheduled a extra session on Oct 22nd for those who are not participating, and you can book through the usual portal here.

Last week’s Bootcamp was at Fisherman’s Beach, Long Reef. We made good use of the steep sand banks and deserted beach! We played games, chased each other, knocked over the odd child, and enjoyed our usual coffee afterwards. While we were stretching we saw whales breeching and flicking their tales, which was very special! We will certainly miss our Saturday morning exercise and socialise in November!

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Jade is getting married on the  19th November, and will be taking 10 days off for her preparation and honeymoon. We wish her the BEST day and happy ever-after. Madelaine, Clare, and Charlie will be stepping up their hours to cover her, and Paula is making a couple of come-backs to help out too!

Christmas party bookings will end on 3rd November – so get in NOW!! Join us here. We are going dragon boat racing with Jade’s dad in Bayview. Your party fee includes boat hire, a skipper, and a wine at the end.

November 30th is D-Day for your Hike Nepal deposit, Twilight Mountain Bike enrolment, AND your Christmas pack contribution!!

Hike Nepal will take place in the last two weeks of November 2017. We have two hikes running simultaneously, Everest Base Camp, and Everest Panorama. Both trips will be challenging, although the panorama does not go as high as EBC. The trip cost includes a FULL YEAR of hiking programs, three months of weekly hiking with a trainer, TWO overnight weekend trips (basic accommodation or camping), and 3 months of free gym access. It also includes all your accommodation in Nepal, all meals when trekking, guides, porters, and airfares – phew! If you’d like to join us just for the hiking, you can also do that here. Use the link above for a detailed itinerary whilst in Nepal. You can also read about and watch our 2016 experience here.

Twilight Mountain biking is an opportunity to do something you would not otherwise do – perhaps you’re too scared to try, perhaps you have no-one to go with, or perhaps you’re uncertain about where to go! The group is about including you, looking after you, challenging you, and educating you on this fantastic sport. Furthermore, even though Chris will still be involved, it will be lead by local Northern Beaches mum and trainer, Ali Frendin. Ali is a local mum juggling, life, love, business, and kids, and is thoroughly empathetic to us mums who might be unsure of our capabilities. She is also an experienced mountain biker, so will pass on important tips of the trade! The group includes a bike service, weekly rides for 3 months, free gym use – and a program to do there, and a weekend away in Canberra (incl accommodation). Use the link above to read more or enrol.

If you have a small business, we would love to plug you! We are looking for contributors to our annual Christmas Pack! The packs are given to our clients as gifts in the first 2 weeks of December. The contribution must be either a discount voucher, gift certificate, sample, or gift. We will plug your business in the lead up to Christmas, and you get to talk to our clients directly – mostly mums! For more info please email

We will look forward to a busy end to 2016!!


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