Novel Way to Workout – Competition!

Today, as always, i wanted to keep the workout fresh, tough, but specific to my mum’s and their needs. The novelty in this workout came with turning it into a mini-competition, with two simultaneous comps that can only be won by different people.
Competition 1: who can do the most km’s on the bike. Instead of sitting back and watching each round, the odd-person-out would sit and crank out kilometres on the bike. Everyone took turns in “resting” on the bike, but the carrot of winning meant that no one rested.
Competition 2: a series of challenges, that each client did twice against the other competitor (three competitors). Each exercise was until the first person dropped, meaning that it was yours to lose (biggest loser style) rather than something you did to win.
One challenge was balancing on 1 leg, taking it in turns to push your opponent on the shoulder. Every time you put a foot down you lost, best of 3 on each side.
Another challenge was the “standing mow-down”, where you had to walk your opponent backwards to the end of the mats – also best of 3.
Other challenges were: longest wall sits, sit ups and pass a med ball, plank with a “high 5”, and any exercise until you drop (make sure its a safe one!).

Another fun week of training!
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