NEW Client of the Quarter! Caroline, Mel, and Sarah!

We have changed many things this year, and Client of the Quarter is one of them! We have tweaked the process so everybody will win! This year, the trainers will nominate 3 Client of the Quarter people, and share their reasons why we chose them. Hopefully their stories continue to inspire you and show you that ANYONE really an do ANYTHING… including YOU! The 3 names will then go in to a hat, with one winner of 2 x 30min PT sessions and 1 x 30min massage with Claire, and the other two nominees getting a free PT session each.

So for our first quarter, lets look at our nominees!

  1. Caroline T for BRAVERY
    Without going in to detail, Caroline is BRAVE. She’s overcome a traumatic childhood, debilitating health problems, and intensely negative workplace interactions. She came to us in a physical state where simple pelvic floor exercise would give her “flare ups”, in other words, excruciating pain. However, as of today, she’s training once a week one on one and has completed 2 sessions of our Summer Camp… PAIN FREE. This girl has not let fear, self pity, or pain stop her, and turns up to training with a  smile on her face, and a plan on how she’s going to make life even better! Last year she headed to the UK and spent days walking, completing a walking trip that was on her bucket list, and she was uncertain she could do until the day she did it. Caroline, you are BRAVE, you are COURAGEOUS, and we are so proud to be a part of this journey with you!
  2. Melissa D for CONSISTENCY
    Mel gets a nod this quarter for consistency. As a mum of 2 with a corporate, city based job that requires her to fly to the USA every second week, Mel could be forgiven for life getting in the way of her health. She doesn’t let it though. When travelling, she is scrupulous about what she eats, and makes sure to walk when possible. When home, she’s in the gym once a week without fail, and walking whenever she can in between sessions. She’s negotiated one “work from home” day a week where she used to fit in one canteen day a month for her kids, and now they’re grown up she fits in her session for herself, sometimes on a call simultaneously, but ALWAYS there! Consistency is hard to achieve in anyone’s life and circumstances, and today we salute Mel, who works hard to get the balance “right” with what could have been a dangerously unhealthy lifestyle. WE SEE YOU MEL! And we see the efforts you go to get your 30 minutes a week in, and we are proud of you for it!
  3. Sarah O for ATTITUDE
    You may recognise Sarah from our previous Client of the Quarter nominees Tony, who won, and Thecla. If you read their stories then perhaps it was expected to see their daughter here at some point! Sarah has been nominated because of her ATTITUDE. Whether she’s been up all night, or not, whether she’s sore, cranky, rushed, stressed…. or not, Sarah always gives 100%. She’s got a “no excuses”, “do what i’m told”, “keep going” attitude that makes her a joy to train! Especially when she entertains us with her dramatic collapse at the end of the session! That alone is inspirational, but she also motivated her dad, and then her mum to start training, and the three of them enjoy 2 sessions a week for some family time. Sometimes Sarah’s daughter joins them too, and what a great example the three of them are setting for her! However inspiration doesn’t only work one way, the year before last Sarah joined physie with her daughter. Ruby loves it so much that Sarah had the gumption to go “why not, i’ll try it too” and joined the adult classes! This is one woman with a “can do” attitude who will always challenge US to prepare the best session for her each week! Sarah, you are exceptional, not many people train without complaint, niggles, or reservations, but you do…. EVERY WEEK. We see it, we get it, and we are proud of you!

Client of the Quarter is recognition for our clients, ordinary in some ways, extraordinary in others! We aim to celebrate your extraordinary-ness, by celebrating it with everyone! Not one of you hasn’t overcome something, and by sharing these stories we hope to show you that!

Prize will be drawn in April!

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