Mummy Movement Workout

Jade’s Mummy Movement inspired workout had me huffing and puffing like nothing else, well nothing else except for mothering!! If you try any of these be sure to hashtag #mummymoves so we can see your style! We performed this session like a circuit, 1 minute on, 15 seconds rest, move on to the next thing. There are 9 exercises, so you can tailor this workout for a short 9min HIIT, or 18min, or 27min, depending on how often you do the circuit! Take a minute’s rest between each round.

Exercise 1 – sandbag flip (you could also use a Vipr if you have one!)


Exercise 2 – Power Plate Bent Over Row Matrix.

The powerplate obviously enhances the intensity of the exercise, and all the different angles make it tough-yet-functional for a mum who is constantly bending over and picking things up! Good technique is important, make sure your back is straight and you feel it in your muscles – not joints! Experiment with hand positions, distance from your torso, and end points!


Exercise 3 – Lunging Med Ball slam. This one is a classic twist on the woodchop, and except of the slam, a movement that a mum repeats daily when collecting her child off the floor. In fact, I watched Claire change her baby’s nappy on the floor after this session, how do you think she got up off the floor?


Exercise 4 – sandbag push. You can also use a boxing bag, tyre, or sled. This exercise is the devil’s version of a pram push, much lower down so far higher gravity loading of the core – check your abs before doing it peeps!

Exercise 5 – multi-point deadlift. Again, good technique is integral, and this will hopefully translate in to good technique and postural awareness when mum is running through her house collecting everyone’s clothes off the floor!


Exercise 6 – Campbell crunch. Either hold this like a hover (if you have no more abdominal separation) or use it as a syncing exercise with the pelvic floor.

2017-02-07 10.12.01

Exercise 7 – Med Ball slam matrix. Squatting this time, throw the ball and collect it again – just like a petulant 3 YO.

Exercise 8 – half Turkish Get Up. This is not a Mummy Move – this is a Mummy UN-move! Unwinding the day’s actions by turning her inside out.


Exercise 9 – Single leg deadlift and row. This is a variation on the put-things-down and pick-things-up theme! More challenging on one leg…



The beauty of this program is that we can look at the women performing the movement, and help them move better and stronger. If they are performing movements like these at home, this will mean performing better in their everyday movement too. We always have our eyes on how we can improve our client’s LIFE with just 30 minutes a week – this is one way!

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