Mountain Biking in the Rain

This morning marks past-half-way in our training journey towards mountain biking New Zealand. It is usually where motivation flags, and participation ebbs. When we awoke, it was raining. Chris and my phone were peppered with text messages double-checking that we were still riding, and we decided that we would go, then make the call once there whether to ride or not (Chris doesn’t ride in the rain – he hates the dirt and mud that gets into his mountain bike bits). This week we met at St Ives Showground. None of us had ever been here before, but from what i could find on the web, there was a lot to do there – a BMX track, fire trail, and single mountain biking trail.   Once there, of course everyone wanted to ride! What really impressed me was that EVERYONE showed up! The second thing was that EVERYONE gave it a red-hot go! Now, giving things a go on a mountain bike means falling off…. more than once. And in the mud and rain this can be particularly unpleasant. So a special mention to Di, who is still learning to clip in, for giving some seriously technical parts a go, and falling off, more than once! Most of you made it up a particularly steep section too – a bit that you probably would have walked, if it weren’t for Chris egging you on at the bottom – SO COOL!! Everyone enjoyed it, so we are heading back there next week so see what else we can find. Chris is on day shift, so i hope they take it easy on me!

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