Mountain Bike Group is NOT for Mountain Bikers!

It may sound silly, but our Twilight Mountain Bike group is NOT for mountain bikers! It is for ordinary humans with goals like:

  • trying a new sport
  • getting social
  • exploring our local national parks
  • exercising in a team environment
  • want to learn to ride a mountain bike on trails

We will have experienced mountain bike instructors at every session for you. This is important because the instructor can teach you new skills to maximise your enjoyment from the training. They will also be able to quickly deal with any repairs to your bike, and correct your style so that you have the best technique possible.

Our first ride is on Friday the 27th November at 6.30pm. We will meet at Nerang Ave, Terry Hills, and ride a challenging but technically simple fire trail called the Perimetre Track.

If the only thing stopping you is your concern about being physically able to do it, then register today, and leave the rest up to us!


Our meeting place week 1 – we will hop on our bike’s here at the star.


DD Rego

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