Mikaela’s Mysterious Vanishing Back Pain

Mikaela started with IntoYou in 2013, after her chronic back pain was unsuccessfully treated by numerous health professionals.

She was regularly seeing an Osteo, who was trying to help her with her posture, which was not ideal and causing pain. She also had a 18mth old who she lifted regularly and repeatedly throughout her day with poor posture and technique. There were some days where she couldn’t walk properly and she was in constant pain.

Her Osteo recommended she embark on a strength training program, specifically at IntoYou. Her back pain literally disappeared in the first couple of months training here.

She then got pregnant, and trained until the week before her second son was born – all with zero back pain. She returned about 3 months post natal, and her back pain has never returned. Mikaela is also lighter than she was before her first child!!

Mikaela says: “I like that you get pushed in every session, and that the sessions are short and sharp. I have never liked regular gyms, but IntoYou is a part of my life, routine, and social circle. My kids are also inspired to exercise with me, and love coming”

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Mikaela trains three times a week, for 30 minutes, with 1-3 other mums. She has never done one on one training, and achieved these results in a short time and a group environment. If you want to try us out, we have a Sample Pack available in our online store, which includes one of everything, including a one on one session and small group training session! You too can be lighter than before babies, OUT of pain, and enjoying the company of your kids in a healthy environment!

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