Meet The Trainers: Kylie Bennett-Bremner

Aaaand it’s official! We get ourselves a new trainer this February! Kylie completed our education years ago, and asked for a job back then! Since then she’s been working at Virgin Active and Scenic Cycle, but always staying in touch and up to date with what we are doing at IntoYou! We’d like to introduce her to you here today!

Kylie is a Mum of two energetic boys who can’t keep still, and knows the importance and joy of being able to keep up with your kids! She works hard to add adventures to both hers, her clients, and her kid’s day; with the Northern Beaches as our backyard she explores the outdoors a lot! She’s got 3 solid years experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, and has worked within the internal structure of the fitness industry for 4 years. Kylie has had the opportunity to see what fitness can do for people in an incredibly positive way. She’s coming to IntoYou as an Intern and bringing with her boxing skills and making fitness fun! With Kylie you’ll get an empathetic and positive trainer who loves to see you push past what barriers you put up to reveal your true potential.

She says “You are important so make the time for yourself and invest in your own fitness well being!“… and dang right, we AGREE! Kylie is hell-bent on setting a positive and energetic example for her kids and her clients, so watch out!

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